Why Do The Numbers Count?

Of the 3.1 million children in South Africa aged 0-6 years, 37% are not accessing early childhood development services to support them in their critical foundational years. When we acknowledge the importance of early childhood development we take the first step towards ensuring that every child has access to a quality start in life.

Why an Expedition to Ojos del Salado?

On 12 February 2018 a team of 6 South African adventurers embarked on a journey to reach the summit of the world’s highest active volcano, Ojos del Salado on the Argentina-Chile border. They took on this ambitious climb to raise awareness for early childhood education and the work being done by The Unlimited Child. This expedition was part of the bigger journey to reach the goal of impacting 5,000 Preschools by 2021.

The courageous team of climbers who were unable to summit due to extreme weather conditions found that their journey transformed into the perfect bittersweet metaphor for the conditions facing children in poverty.

Summiting a mountain is comparable to the challenge these children face if they don’t receive early childhood education, as they will never reach their full potential in adulthood.

Much like what the adventurers faced, sometimes dedication and perseverance are not enough if the conditions for success are just not there – or if the conditions are working against you.

Just one person doing one thing can make a difference and if we all combine our efforts we can change the future of early childhood education in South Africa and make the numbers count!

It’s all about the numbers

The number of preschool years to lay a strong foundation.
The number of children at risk of missing early childhood developmental milestones.
The year we began to do something about it.
Our investment since 2008 in South Africa's future.

Our current impact

The number of preschools we support.
The number of preschool teachers trained.
The number of children we impact daily across 7 provinces.

Our goal

Preschools, by 2021.

What is The Unlimited Child?

Established in 2008, The Unlimited Child is a leading early childhood education and skills development non-profit organisation with a national footprint that supports over 1 200 preschools. Its key focus is to ensure that children under the age of 6 have access to a quality and sustainable early childhood development programme enabling them to reach their full educational and personal potential.

Make a difference by Shifting our Nation’s future with www.theunlimitedchild.org and secure an optimistic and equal future through education.